Oak, to and from card - 3 pcs (4x9cm)

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The oak
The oak tree is a small, fine to and fro card, which throughout the year spreads congratulatory greetings on gifts throughout Denmark.

The oak is made from 100% recycled paper waste from Danish companies, schools and kindergartens.

Did you know about the oak tree that ...
In Denmark, we have two types of oak trees: stalk oak and winter oak, which are very similar in appearance. The broad-leaved tree can be up to 500 years old, but is usually felled in the Danish forests on its 150th birthday. By the way, did you know that 7% of the Danish forest area in Denmark is covered by oak?

Like other deciduous trees, its habitat affects the shape of the tree. If the beautiful tree stands close to other trees in the forest, it gets a straight trunk with a crown high in the cloud. When left alone, for example in a field, it can spread its large tree crown over a large area.

We have to take care of our oak, because as many as 800 insect species are attached to the oak tree as a habitat, and in fact we have been eradicating the oak tree back in the 19th century. At that time, as many as 2,000 oak trees were felled to build a single warship. Suddenly there were a lot of warships in Denmark, but hardly as many oak trees left. Fortunately, love was chosen for the forest over war, and the oak tree was again allowed to grow.