The spruce tree - 3 pieces (9x6.5cm)

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The fir tree
The fir tree is a small, fine card suitable for friendly greetings among families, colleagues and friends. The card measures 9 x 6.5 cm. and fits as a pendant for a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates for someone you love.

The spruce tree is made from 100% recycled paper waste from Danish companies.

Did you know about the spruce tree that ...
The spruce tree is part of the large coniferous family. Its siblings are called blue spruce, white spruce, oriental spruce, sitka spruce, columnar spruce, black spruce, jesso spruce, mourning spruce and red spruce. The longest branches are at the bottom, and they are therefore also the oldest. You will find the spruce tree pretty much everywhere in the northern hemisphere and in almost all kinds of climates. In addition to being the symbol of Christmas, the graceful spruce wood cellulose fibers are also used to make factory-produced paper.