NY TREND: Fremtidens plakater er runde - Papirværk

Papirværk has launched round posters made from paper waste from Danish companies and institutions. Both paper and oak frame are handmade in Denmark, and the frames are created in collaboration with a Danish joinery, made from recycled wood.

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Round posters

In the new posters, art, design and sustainability meet in a harmonious fusion that challenges our interior design and our approach to consumption and resource utilization.

Round posters and frames

The new interior products challenge not only our perception of art, but also the way we decorate our spaces. By breaking with the traditional, square format, the round posters contribute to a unique aesthetic that inspires renewal in your home or workplace.

With the new products, the aim is to create dynamism in Danish homes, and we want to appeal to those who seek to differentiate their interior design and add a new element of creativity. The art posters fit your wall as independent furnishing items or as additional additions to your picture wall.

Round posters and frames

Created in collaboration with Danish artists

The motifs were created in collaboration with two Danish artists, Michelle Carlslund and Annemette Kloster. Michelle has thrown herself into a new genre with the fantasy landscapes, and is only available in limited quantities.

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Michelle Carlslund

The landscapes have given Michelle an opportunity to combine colours, shapes and patterns in a new way and based on gut feeling. Annemette Glud Kloster is the person behind Nordic Papercuts. She creates beautiful and unique paper clips, which today have become round art prints at Papirværk.

Each work is unique and the handmade paper helps to highlight the small, charming details in both art and media.

Round posters and frames

Make circular economy everyday

Papirværk's round posters and (recycled) oak frames are more than just a design launch, but rather a message to spread a more circular economy.

By utilizing the earth's resources and creating high-quality products with a long lifespan, Papirværk sends a call to consumers and businesses in Denmark. The posters are not just for wall decoration, but a reminder that waste can be given new life through responsible and circular recycling.

Does your company have a lot of paper waste? Let Papirværk recycle it. Read more here .

Round frames made of recycled wood

The frames are made in a Danish joinery and produced from recycled wood. Each frame is unique and contributes to the expression of the round posters.

By using recycled wood, Papirværk gives new life to materials that would otherwise end up as waste, but also shows the way how to create beautiful interior design products without burdening the environment.

Round frames