Julie Celina - Papirværk

Collection: Julie Celina

Julie Celina (b. 1996) is a Danish artist from Aarhus. Educated at the Milan Art Institute, she represents great diversity of both ethnicities and botanicals in her paintings, inspired by her passion for activism and her belief that we are stronger together.

Artistic inspiration

Julie Celina's oil paintings are inspired by the relationship between people and nature. According to Julie Celina's conviction, all the answers we seek are already inside ourselves or hidden somewhere in nature, therefore she strives to help people to have a stronger relationship with nature in and around themselves through her art.

A dreamy world

Julie Celina's oil paintings are painted with many layers of paint on top of each other to create depth and life in the images. The people in the pictures are often placed in a mysterious and dreamy world full of symbolism, which you can interpret and immerse yourself in.