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    "We are far from the goal - neither with our work with sustainability nor circular economy, but the collaboration with Papirværk pushes us in the right direction."

    Jakob Kjær Rasmussen, Sustainability Manager, Odense Havn A/S

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    "It's fantastic that our paper waste is gaining new value among our guests."

    Emilie Brøgger, Marketing Manager, Aarhus Theatre

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At Papirværk, we are passionate about and have a great desire to create products with sustainability and a circular economy in focus, not only for private individuals, but also for companies. With an ever-increasing interest and awareness of sustainability, more companies want to integrate
these principles in their business strategy. That is why we at Papirværk offer companies to become part of our Papirværk partner program, where our common mission to create a more sustainable future binds us together.

Today, we already have quite a few Papirværk partners who are important to us and the message we want to get out, while also helping to strengthen our relationships with companies and institutions throughout the country. By cooperating with us, you as Papirværk Partner can help make a difference to the environment by collecting paper for recycling and thus ensuring sustainable recycling.

How to become a Papirværk Partner

It is quite easy and straightforward for companies to become Papirværk Partners. When you become a Papirværk Partner, we help contribute to the green transition and circular economy in Denmark. We ensure that all your paper waste is collected in a waste container that we set up for you in the company.
All you have to do is throw your paper waste in the container - we'll take care of the rest.
We collect your paper waste and ensure that it is recycled locally in Odense, which means that no waste at any time ends up in the incinerator, and at the same time there is no transport abroad.
We collect paper for recycling from companies all over the country. Regardless of whether you are an institution , an industrial company , a hotel , a textile manufacturer or part of the experience industry , you are welcome to become part of our Papirværk Partner family.

The unique thing about our approach is that we not only collect and recycle your paper waste, but we also ensure that it remains locally processed and transformed into new products in our company in Odense, completely without glue, wood fibers and chemicals. This reduces the environmental impact, but it also creates a closed loop where your paper waste can return to you as new products. In this way, you can have the opportunity to order new products, e.g. business cards, occasion cards or the like, from your own paper waste.

Strengthen your company's sustainability profile

As part of being a Papirværk Partner, we naturally provide all the documentation and statistics you need in connection with the recycling of your paper waste. With this documentation, you as a company have full insight into the environmental impact of your actions and can share this information with any stakeholders, which strengthens your sustainability profile.

Do you as a company also want to contribute to our mission of sustainable paper products? Then become a Papirværk Partner today, contact us to hear more about the concept.

More than just picking up paper

More and more companies offer collection of paper from other companies, which is later recycled for eg egg trays or other paper. Although we at Papirværk are happy that there is a focus on recycling companies' paper waste, we are taking the step further. Our Papirværk Partner program is more than just a waste management solution for companies.
It is an opportunity for companies and other institutions to become part of a larger circular economic movement towards a more sustainable future, where you also benefit from your own paper waste, which is transformed into beautiful paper products locally in Odense.
See our many options for creating beautiful cards for any occasion.

Is your company ready to become part of our history?
Contact us today to find out more about how you can become a Papirværk Partner and help shape a more sustainable future for us all.