Rachel Mishael - Papirværk

Collection: Rachel Mishael

Rachel Mishael is a contemporary abstract artist with a focus on natural and environmentally friendly materials. Mishael was born and raised in New York City, but currently lives in Los Angeles and Copenhagen in the summer.
As someone who has struggled with mental health issues all her life, painting became a form of therapy and meditation to her. In her own words, "it's the best method I know to slow down racing thoughts and live in the moment".

Artistic inspiration

Rachel Mishael is known to millions across social media for her sustainable, eco-friendly approach to contemporary art and abstract paintings. Her natural paintings honor the raw beauty of plants and minerals, borrowed from nature in a harmonious way. Her work aims to bring a sense of nature into the home. In addition to paint, Mishael works with ink, dye, clay, plaster, concrete, textile, paper and digital illustration. The latter is exclusively available through her collaboration with Papirværk.

New roads

Mishael has always wanted to be able to offer her audience more accessible and affordable works, while still sticking to her environmentally friendly principles. That is why she was excited to hear about Papirværk's approach and sees it as the perfect collaboration.