Tina Thorborg - Papirværk

Collection: Tina Thorborg

The poster series The Unknown Man is Tina's first art series. She wants to focus on portraits and people who are neuter. The Unknown Man presents a man or whatever the eye sees. They are all unknown "men" - no one knows who they are and what history they might have. The many repeating lines show some kind of life experience. The more lines, the more life experience and perhaps a greater acceptance of being an unknown person in a big - and sometimes incomprehensible - world.
Tina Thorborg (b. 1992) is a Danish artist from Aarhus. She works with a mixture between pencil, marker, acrylic, and watercolour paint. Tina creates completely unique people on paper or canvas with an accompanying story. Tina has always loved to draw and paint and today she is associated with an Atelier in Aarhus, where she can draw and paint and publish her art every day. Modern art gives her inspiration. In addition, she finds inspiration in her own life; the everyday meeting with different people, friends, family, the calm nature, the crazy city life with its daily bustle and naturalness.

Artistic inspiration

The face suddenly came to Tina when she once sat and drew. Since then, she has developed the shape of the face. She keeps the same motif and then lets her surroundings inspire her in terms of which background color she uses for her works. The background color depends on her mood. The color yellow is mostly used by Tina as a background color in her works. She associates the color yellow with joy, happiness, optimism, imagination, hope, spring, summer, cheerfulness, laughter, knowledge, learning, concentration, creativity and self-confidence. Green background symbolizes hope. The blue background connects Tina with fidelity. Red symbolizes her with energy and the pink background is a mixture of all emotions.

The Unknown Man

The Unknown (Man) is about not being able to recognize oneself. Being "unknown" in one's own body and/or mind and not knowing how to handle situations in life or not being able to recognize/know oneself for a period of oneself in one's life. All the works that consist of the same motif refer to us humans who are alike in being human, but we do not look alike. Everyone is different. All people have their own identity. The same applies to her works - The Unknown Man - the motifs represent the same, but all the works are unique. Each work thus has its own identity.