Johanne Kohlmetz

Collection: Johanne Kohlmetz

Johanne Kohlmetz creates quirky and colourful, hand-painted works with gouache and watercolours. The focal point of this series of art posters, produced exclusively for Papirværk, is man, nature and a touch of magic.

Passions of John

Johanne Kohlmetz has run her own lifestyle and fashion blog for the past 10 years. Her passions are many and the line has always been one of the biggest. First of all the skarn lines, but in particular also the drawing lines.

"If I'm not allowed to draw, I might as well die"

Over the years, the lines have just as quietly been put on various surfaces, but when Johannes' parents saw that it was once in a wardrobe in her room, they temporarily took the drawing tool away from her. Johanne replied: "If I'm not allowed to draw, I might as well die!" . Since then, the lines have become watercolor strokes on paper. Johannes' addiction to letting the brush lead her hand and brain, and for a while simply immersing herself in the colors, still lingers. This has led to her now selling out of poster prints based on the originals she paints.