Caroline Pontoppidan - Papirværk

Collection: Caroline Pontoppidan

Caroline Pontoppidan is a self-taught artist with a philosophically inspired approach to life. This means that she interprets life with an understanding-oriented approach, and that she seeks to capture diversity through her art.
For Caroline, her art is about perspectives. It is about inclusion. She believes that when we talk about inclusion like this on a societal level, our way of doing it, democratically speaking, is via debate. It's just that this way often manifests itself in aggressive discussions. In addition, she sees art, and especially philosophy, as an important contrast to accommodate questions about inclusion. Through art and philosophy, we create a certain openness to contemplation and understanding.
When Caroline refers to perspectives as such, she is thinking of different feelings, opinions and approaches to life in general, which we as viewers see in her paintings. These are perspectives that she portrays in both a classical way and via the figuratively abstract, but also via writing. Overall, her works exude the philosophical thought she has, that it is precisely through not only varied expressions and motifs, but also through the creation of space for understanding in depth, that we create value that is never merely naive or meaningful on a superficial level, but which is sustainable on a general human level.