50x70 posters: Art and sustainability in perfect harmony

Our selection of 50x70 posters is a combination of art and environmentally friendly production. Each 50x70 poster in our collection is a unique work of art, created by artists with their very own unique style. From abstract compositions to nature motifs and portraits - our posters represent artistic diversity and appeal to different tastes and preferences. We greatly appreciate our artists and recognize their talent by honoring them every time one of their 50x70 posters is sold. This supports their creativity and work and we are proud to showcase their art in our range.
But our posters don't just represent art. They are an expression of our deep commitment to environmental responsibility. We manufacture them on 100% recycled paper, which means we reduce the need to cut down trees and minimize the amount of paper waste. Our production methods are gentle on the environment, as we refrain from using harmful substances or chemicals. The result is posters where the colors remain brilliant and all details are preserved in their full beauty.
The most remarkable thing about our 50x70 posters is the use of handmade paper. Each art print gets a unique and authentic character, as they are not mass produced. This principle goes hand in hand with our aim to inspire a more responsible and environmentally conscious approach to art production. By choosing our posters, you not only get artistic beauty, but also the certainty that you are helping to create a better future for our environment.

Create atmosphere with 50x70 posters

A 50x70 poster is not just a piece of paper with a print; it is a source for creating different moods and expressions in a room. This relatively large poster size can be used in several ways, depending on the subject or art that adorns it.
If your 50x70 poster includes a piece of art, it can bring a strong artistic feel to the room. Colors, shapes and patterns can flourish and add depth to the decor. It's like having an art gallery at your fingertips. There are many different styles of posters and our range of 50x70 reflects the diversity of poster art.
Regardless of whether the poster contains an abstract artwork, a portrait or a nature scene, it can convey a specific mood. An abstract artwork can create a modern and open to interpretation mood, while a nature scene can evoke a calming and natural atmosphere. A portrait can add a personal and intimate feel to the room.
The mood the poster creates also depends on the colors and composition of the artwork. Bright colors such as yellow, red and orange can spread a happy and lively mood, while darker colors such as blue, purple and gray can give a more somber or pensive mood.
The artist's style and technique also play a decisive role in the expression. A realistic poster can create a sense of accuracy and detail, while a poster in a more expressionistic style can express emotions and abstract ideas.
Whether you use a 50x70 poster for wall decoration, as a source of inspiration, as part of a themed decor or as a gift, its potential is great. This versatile poster can add character and expression to any room and reinforce the feelings and moods you want to convey. The artistic potential of the poster is only limited by your imagination.

Use of 50x70 art posters in picture walls

Using 50x70 posters as part of a larger picture wall can be a great way to create a unique and personal expression in your home. It is definitely a practice that many people make use of, and it can give your decor a creative and artistic touch.
Picture walls usually look best when there is a mix of different sizes. 50x70 posters can act as the central focal points of your composition, but to create an exciting visual contrast you should also include smaller and larger images. This gives your wall a dynamic balance and makes it more inviting to the eye. Our wide selection of posters in different sizes allows you to experiment and create the perfect mix. If you want to combine your 50x70 art poster with others, you can find the other sizes by clicking here:
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One of the most important factors in creating the perfect picture wall is to ensure that it is balanced in terms of colours, shapes and placement of the posters. This creates a sense of harmony and coherence on your wall. In order to achieve a coherent and harmonious picture wall, it is a good idea to choose a theme or color scheme. This ties your images together and creates a visual common thread, even if you use images of different sizes. Your 50x70 posters can help to frame or highlight certain elements of the theme.
The placement of your 50x70 posters also plays an important role. To create a natural focal point, you should consider placing them around eye level. You can also experiment with different arrangements, such as clusters, columns or diagonal lines that add an extra dimension to your wall. With their relatively large size, 50x70 posters can act as central elements in your picture wall and add significant visual weight.
Remember that the artwork on your wall should appeal to you personally. It is this personal connection that will give your picture wall soul and make it unique. So choose posters that touch your heart and let them express your personal style. In the end, the most important thing is to let your creativity run free and create a picture wall that reflects your personal style and aesthetic. The most important thing is to create a wall that brings joy and fits your personal style and decor.