Barlena - Papirværk

Collection: Barlena

Barlena is an artist and graphic designer with a love for nature, music, coffee and cozy evenings at home. She was born and raised in Austria and now lives in Munich, Germany. Her art style is characterized by fine lines and soft pastel colours.

Artistic inspiration

Barlena finds inspiration by traveling and being in nature. She loves to include floral motifs in her illustrations as well as celestial motifs such as the sun, moon and stars. Her artwork is driven by the desire to inspire others and leave something beautiful behind, while sparing this beautiful planet.

Artistic process

When inspiration strikes, Barlena begins sketching her ideas in her notebook. Then she grabs her iPad and makes digital sketches. Once she's satisfied with the sketches, she draws the outline of the subject with her favorite Procreate brush called Dry Ink. Then she chooses a different brush for coloring. As a final step, she adds detail and texture, which is her favorite part of the drawing process.