Lot Winther - Papirværk

Collection: Lot Winther

Lot Winther is a young Danish artist who works with unique paintings and FSC-certified art posters. Her works primarily center around the feminine energy, which is why you often find motifs of women, which are a fixed focal point in her figurative art.

Artistic inspiration

Lot's connection to the water started as a child of a water enthusiast of a father. "Water is life", he always said. Lot grew up around the water and with exploration and adventure in the Nordics. But when she dived in the Great Barrier Reef, that's where her love integrated. She was amazed by the colors of the plants below the surface and the endless species. It turned into a beautiful escape from the world above and a place where she could be in flow and at ease. It has become part of how she navigates the world and heals herself. Over time, water has found its way into her paintings and other media, and she has found that it resonates with her audience. From people seeking healing to activists actively working to save our oceans. Lot finds his work somewhere between the viewers and the divers and the biologists.

Reflection and transformation

Lot Winther on her art: "It aims to bring people together in a space where all facades fall down and the natural open mind and compassion emerge so that connection can flourish. The intention of my art is to guide the viewer from reflection to transformation, no matter what stage they are in. In my opinion, this is how we create the foundation for sustainable action.