Lene Perez

Collection: Lene Perez

Lene Perez (b. 1973) works as a graphic designer and illustrator. She is a trained designer from London and has a master's degree in Visual Culture. Her graphic style stems from an investigative curiosity about life, landscape and nature's forces and contrasts.

Artistic inspiration

Lene Perez's works are inspired by both stasis, unrest and life paired with unpredictable organic forms that seem to be in constant motion. There is a constant urge to scratch the surface and explore all that is beautiful. The works show clarity and direction, but also a deep underlying shiver of redundancy and randomness.


Lene Perez is preoccupied with contrasts – in material and narrative. For Papirværk's posters, she has worked with nature as traces in space, decoupled elements of stillness or movement. Lene aims for the unpredictable - and actively uses noise and doubt in her works to find a visual tension, a mood or an abrupt landscape.