Mathilde Olsen - Papirværk

Collection: Mathilde Olsen

Mathilde Olsen was born and raised in Randers and now lives in Copenhagen. She works as an architect, but has been selling her illustrations from her dorm room ever since studying architecture. Today, the portrait painting has been moved to a studio in Nørrebro, where she spends her weekends and spare time, and sells her works from the website

Artistic inspiration

Mathilde has always been fascinated by the art of portraiture, and over the years has tried to develop a personal and different style. Today, her most sought-after artworks are painted on glass, but she also works with media such as colored paper, pencil and embroidery.

Friendship and togetherness

In 2021, Mathilde exhibited her first stained glass at Frederikborg Castle in connection with the portrait exhibition Portrait NU! 2021, and in September 2022 she opened her first exhibition, 'PORTRAITS', at Vesterbro with 15 portraits of family and friends. The 'Partnership' collection in collaboration with Papirværk is a tribute to friendship and togetherness and is about valuing your relationships and the support you are lucky enough to have in your life.