Round posters for a different expression

Our round posters are created to create a different
expression and stand out from the classic square poster. The round posters are both a decorative element on any wall and an interesting story, created by our many artists. This makes it easy for you to find a round poster that fits into your home.
Whether you want a round poster for the living room or about
the office lacks a little life and movement, our round posters are a good choice.
Our posters are carefully selected to bring a harmonious balance between form and content with beautiful designs – from abstract images to colorful posters that fit into any decor. With the round posters, you are guaranteed a unique and different style for your home.

Round posters with consideration for the environment

Papirværk is a Danish company that focuses on quality. That is why you can only find our round posters in handmade, Danish paper. Just like our many other products. The beautiful structure of our paper means that the colors and details stand out sharply and turn them into small, beautiful works of art.
Like all our other products, our round posters are made without chemicals, glues and other harmful substances because we believe in reusability and sustainability.

Round posters in various sizes

At Papirværk, we have round posters in several different sizes, so you can get one that fits right where you want it. Our round posters are available in sizes Ø30 and Ø50. The smaller sizes are ideal for places where there isn't much wall space or you don't want the poster to fill the entire room. The large posters look great in both small and large spaces. You can also choose to combine the two sizes and thus get a mix that gives life and dynamism to the wall. Or maybe you make a poster collage with both round posters and our regular square posters for a strong visual expression.

Round posters in oak frames

To complete the look of your posters, you can add a nice frame around them. We carry frames that fit your new, round posters, all of which are made from oak, which is of course recycled wood.
We have chosen for our wooden frames to come without glass, so that your posters can have a natural expression.

Find your new posters at Papirværk

Our webshop offers many different posters, all in different colours, expressions, sizes and variants. If you have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to contact us.