Emma Forsberg - Papirværk

Collection: Emma Forsberg

Emma Forsberg is an artist living in Copenhagen and originally from Australia. Emma, ​​a self-taught digital artist, finds inspiration in the heart of Copenhagen and Danish culture. Her vibrant paintings capture everyday moments and reflect the seamless blend of tradition and modernity. When she is not engrossed in painting on her iPad, Emma embraces Danish family life by cycling with her children on a Christiania bike, staying at home and being a little too happy for fun. Emma's work is a celebration of self-discovery and the joy of life's simplicity.
Emma Forsberg - Morgenmad - Limited ed. - PapirværkEmma Forsberg - Morgenmad - Limited ed. - Papirværk

The 'Meals' collection

The collection captures the cozy intimacy of the Danish dining table. Whether it's a sunlit room with a vase of fresh daffodils or a candlelit meal, the concept of "cozy" takes center stage, evoking feelings of comfort, nourishment and contentment. Emma explores the interplay between light and shadow and captures the mood of these cherished moments.
Each piece in the collection offers a visual and conceptual exploration of the unique ambiance of dining and invites you to savor the delicacies on offer. A rich tapestry of colors, flavors, textures and emotions that are awakened in the ritual of offering good food to ourselves and our loved ones.
Emma Forsberg - Hyggetid - Limited ed. - PapirværkEmma Forsberg - Hyggetid - Limited ed. - Papirværk

Cozy time

Hyggetid is created from the memories of living in a Danish summer house and relaxing while the children play outside in a sunlit garden.
At the heart of the composition sits a rustic wooden table decorated with freshly baked croissants, two perfectly poured cups of coffee and a bouquet of delicate daffodils picked fresh from outside. The morning sun casts gentle shadows over the table, illuminating the simple beauty of these everyday objects. The sunlight dances across the stage, filling it with a sense of fleeting beauty and nostalgia. It invites viewers to pause, take a breath and enjoy the indoor splendor of a Danish spring day, where hygge is created with some homely pleasures.