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Collection: Lotte Neupart / Art print

Most of Lotte Neupart's works express a calm atmosphere in a room. It can, for example, be a room without boundaries, so that you don't sense the size of the room. Lotte thus wants to invite the viewer to form their own images of the room. She mostly works with modern still lifes of interiors or floral motifs.
Lotte Neupart lives and has a workshop in Skødstrup - just north of Århus. Lotte graduated from Aarhus Art Academy (2019).

Artistic inspiration

In her work with art, Lotte Neupart is constantly looking for color harmonies and disharmonies and the balance between them. An exciting job that requires immersion and open senses.
The motifs are the starting point for experimenting with colours, which is the real and primary purpose for Lotte - a game with colours. Or a study of the mutual influence of colours. Among other things. therefore, she often uses stripes in her works. Stripes help to make a work come alive and also something that the viewer can explore.

Expression, colors and mood

The motifs are things we all surround ourselves with and which therefore seem familiar and familiar to most people. Lotte herself calls her world of motifs everyday poetic still lifes.
Lotte Neupart wants to create breaks with her works. That the viewer dwells on the calm that the works try to express and just feels the colors and the mood.