Stine Marie Krebs - Papirværk

Collection: Stine Marie Krebs

Stine Marie Krebs is a trained textile designer from the Design School of the Academy of Fine Arts. She works with plant prints, both as print, fabric and wallpaper. In all her works, the starting point is real leaves and plants, with which she works artistically in different ways. Stine's wish is to pass on the magic and the emotions she herself experiences in nature.
Much of the inspiration for her works comes from her work in the association SKOVVIRKE, where she and her family are establishing a 1.5 ha. permaculture agriculture in Hornsherred, close to Svanholm Estates, where she is also based.

The aesthetics of nature

Stine Marie's driving force is a desire not only to work with nature, but to learn to understand nature through all her senses. She wants to combine the aesthetics of nature with both wonder and knowledge. In her series on decomposed leaves, she focuses on the richness of detail and the interesting in the weathered and that which is on its way to decay. The focal point of her mushroom print is both that which has not yet arisen, but also that which is, but which we do not always see.

The life of the leaf

When Stine Marie creates her plant prints, she always starts by going for a walk in nature. She looks at the plants. Marks the end of pages and takes time to just be and study the details. She marvels at the small hairs on a new leaf and the ease in its movement. By the decomposed leaves, she tries to imagine the leaf's life; how a beetle has eaten a bite, how the veins in the leaf have become more pronounced and how the wind has made it flutter and the rain has run down its surface. She gives herself time to just be, see and sense.