Ny Papirværk Partner: - ”Næste skridt i den bæredygtige omstilling” - Papirværk

In recent years, EXHAUSTO A/S has been a leading company in ventilation systems. As a natural part of the development, they have intensified their efforts to play a central role in the sustainable transition and reduce their CO2 footprint. One of their latest initiatives is to reduce paper consumption and waste, and they have found a valuable partner in Papirværk.

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" The collaboration with Papirværk is a natural extension of our sustainability initiatives. Their expertise and commitment to circular economy harmonizes with our own goals and values. The green transition can seem unmanageable, so it can be difficult for many companies like us to know where to actually start. Paperwork is a good bet for a concrete initiative. ”, says Aida Kildegaard, communications consultant and CSR manager at EXHAUSTO.

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Every step counts - even the small steps

EXHAUSTO A/S has launched a number of initiatives within sustainability and the circular economy. The company has implemented a recycling strategy that focuses on minimizing waste and maximizing the recycling of materials, including paper.

According to EXHAUSTO's CSR officer, sustainability is not just a choice, but a necessity to create a viable future. It is also to meet increasing demands from their customers and stakeholders who demand sustainable solutions. The company wants to lead the way and demonstrate how important it is to protect the environment and promote sustainability within the organization. With the collaboration, there is action behind the words in their sustainable initiatives. "However, we are also well aware that it is a long journey and process to reach the goal, but that every step is a step in a greener direction ", adds Aida Kildegaard.

Discarded paper has great value

EXHAUSTO A/S has entered into a partnership with Papirværk, which shares their goals and values ​​within sustainability and circular economy. The purpose of the collaboration is to reduce the company's environmental footprint by ensuring that the paper waste is 100% recycled. The collaboration is based on full transparency, and it ensures that the paper waste is recycled locally, which reduces unnecessary emissions associated with transport. Papirværk also creates new products from 100% paper waste without adding glue, chemicals or wood fibres.

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EXHAUSTO A/S also expects that this collaboration will result in a reduction of their environmental impact in relation to paper waste. They see it as an opportunity to take another step towards a greener future.

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Action behind the words

EXHAUSTO A/S wants to inspire and influence their employees and business partners to get involved in the circular transition. This creates not only concrete actions, but also a culture that values ​​sustainability and cooperation around environmental responsibility.

We believe that change begins from within. By inspiring and influencing our employees and business partners to participate in the circular transition, we create a culture that values ​​sustainability. This not only leads to concrete actions, but it also creates a sense of common purpose and commitment .”, adds Aida Kildegaard.

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Knowledge of the "journey of waste"

Knowledge and understanding of the "journey of waste" is important for a transparent value chain: " Data and documentation are essential to measure our progress and ensure transparency in our sustainability efforts. It allows us to quantify our environmental performance and identify areas where we can further improve our practices. In addition, it is important to be able to report our performance to our stakeholders and demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable future .” - Aida Kildegaard, CSR manager at EXHAUSTO A/S.