From the wastebasket to the museum shop: Papirværk recycles Museum Odense's paper waste as new sales items

Fra papirkurven til museumsbutikken: Papirværk genanvender Museum Odenses papiraffald som nye salgsvarer - Papirværk

Henrik Harnow (director of Museum Odense), Jonas Thorup Langelund (Papierværk), Jens Toftgaard (development manager for HC Andersen's House and Carl Nielsen Museum). Photo: Museum Odense.

Today, circular economy and sustainability have become central topics on the agenda, as the world faces serious climate challenges. It is necessary to think in new ways and develop new solutions that can reduce our environmental footprint and create and inspire a greener future. Also in the museums. That is why Papirværk's founder, Jonas Thorup Langelund, is pleased that Museum Odense enters into a circular collaboration with Papirværk regarding the museum's paper waste.

From today Papirværk collects the discarded paper from Museum Odense's offices in Møntergården in the middle of Odense. The paper is circulated into newly developed products that Museum Odense and Papirværk work together to create, and which are put on sale in the open-air museum Den Fynske Landsby.

The collaboration is part of Museum Odense's focus on sustainability. When the recycled paper goods are initially put up for sale in Den Fynske Landsby, it is because the open-air museum is in the process of a transformation that will look at sustainability and circular living in a historical perspective, and thus make the theme of sustainability and community the very the core narrative on the spot.

Papirværk's founder hopes that the collaboration will inspire other companies and museums to focus on circular economy and sustainability.

Jens Toftgaard, head of development for HC Andersen's House and the Carl Nielsen Museum. Photo: Museum Odense.

Produced in Odense

Papirværk is a green paper factory in Odense, which handcrafts new products from 100% discarded paper, collected from companies and institutions in Denmark. Their paper is produced without added glue, chemicals and wood fibers and is produced in Odense with consideration for the earth's resources. Papirværk fights paper waste and helps companies and institutions with the circular transition.

With its new strategy (2022-2026), Museum Odense focuses on sustainability. The Funen Village is to be developed into a nationally and internationally prominent open-air museum with particular emphasis on sustainability, ecology and circular economy in all parts of the open-air museum's work and appearance. The museum will be a source of inspiration for everyone who wants to live more sustainably and at the same time provide a historical perspective on the greatest challenge of our time - namely the climate crisis.

"In this connection, it is pleasing to see that more organizations are taking responsibility and focusing on reuse, recycling and responsibility in their way of running and developing business", says Jonas Thorup Langelund from Papirværk.