A world without paper waste

Papirværk is a Danish circular paper factory. We collect paper waste from companies and institutions in Denmark and transform it into new life. Paper is made from trees, which are one of nature's most important elements. That is why we see paper as a valuable resource that deserves to be given new life when it is discarded. Our products are created in Denmark from 100% recycled paper waste without added glue, chemicals or wood fibres.
We fight for a world without paper waste by creating paper products that are natural in expression and responsibly produced. In this way, we keep our CO2 emissions to a minimum, help companies with the circular transition and offer our customers a better, more responsible and circular alternative.

From kitchen to circular paper factory

Papirværk was started by Jonas Thorup Langelund in 2020. As an employee at a large workplace, he experienced how large amounts of paper waste were discarded every day. He became frustrated when, after thorough investigation, he found out that the majority end up in the incinerator or abroad. He decided to do something about it and wanted to find a solution to transform the discarded resources into circular paper products for the benefit of the environment and our nature.
For the first six months, Jonas stood in his kitchen, where the first products came to life and the building blocks for a circular concept were laid. The kitchen was too small, he had to invest in a larger industrial blender and rent a production room.
In 2022, Jonathan and Sebastian became part of Papirværk, and the three friends today run Papirværk with an ambition to combat paper waste through Danish, responsible and circular recycling.

Danish craftsmanship

At Papirværk, we are passionate about Danish craftsmanship. All our products are handmade in Denmark and produced through a gentle and careful production process. Perhaps you have tried making paper yourself and know about the manual labor involved in turning paper into pulp, pressing and drying the finished sheets and the subsequent processing. Our wish is that you feel and sense the love we put into our production.