Benefits as a Papirværk Partner

  • Circular economy

    Contribute to the circular transition by breathing new life into your paper waste.

  • Take responsibility

    We collect and recycle, so you ensure 0% paper waste and reduce your CO2 footprint.

  • Products return

    Order new products from your own paper waste and contribute to responsible recycling.

What our partners say

It is the sustainable approach that makes the most sense. Simply. It makes sense to look after the environment. We are passionate about creating positive change and minimizing the negative impact of our own business operations. Both for the environment and for all the people who help make our products."

Maja Lundgreen, Trade Marketing Manager, Fristads Kansas

A circular concept

Waste as a resource

  1. Get collected, sorted and
    shredded your paper waste
  2. Let Papirværk recycle your paper waste
  3. Get any new products return,
    made from your own paper waste
  4. Contribution to the circular transition,
    and receive honest, sustainable communications.

Get off to a good start

  • Environmental certificate

  • A5 display

  • Sorting sheet

  • Key mark

  • Paper containers (240 L)

  • Smaller container

Paperworks partner in the textile industry

At Papirværk, we would like to make it easy for companies within the textile and fashion industry to recycle their own paper waste. Therefore, we also want to focus on more textile companies becoming part of our Papirværk partnership and thus helping to contribute to a more sustainable future through the recycling of paper for card production.

In today's world, we face major challenges in environmental protection and sustainability, and it is more important than ever that companies step up to the plate and take responsibility for their impact on the planet. As a textile company, you already have a significant influence on the fashion industry and consumer behaviour. By becoming a Papirværk Partner, you can expand your commitment to sustainability and contribute to creating a more responsible textile industry.

Make a difference with your paper waste

When you become a partner with us, you help make a difference and minimize waste and thus reduce the burden on the environment. By collecting paper waste from your own company, offices and facilities and sending it for recycling, you can help reduce the need for new paper production and preserve forest resources. The paper you collect is then transformed into beautiful and meaningful cards that help to spread joy and at the same time convey important messages about sustainability and recycling.

Get products back - recycled from own waste

When you, as Papirværk Partner, deliver paper waste to us through your container, you have the opportunity to order new products, such as business cards, occasion cards, place cards, gift cards and much more. This can help strengthen your business and brand identity as a sustainable company.
We believe that sustainability and financial success can go hand in hand, and our partnership is designed to ensure that you achieve both. But our partnership isn't just about creating a better world for tomorrow - it's also about making a difference today.
By participating as a Papirværk Partner, you can inspire your customers, employees and colleagues to think and act more sustainably. Your commitment to reuse and recycling sends a powerful signal about your company's values ​​and priorities and can help create a positive domino effect throughout the industry.

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Take responsibility for your paper waste

We want to make a difference, and therefore we want more
within the text industry is taking the first step towards a more sustainable future
and become part of our stationery partnership today. Fashion is not just about
to be stylish, but to a large extent also about being responsible and sustainable.
Contact us now to find out more about how you can become part of our initiative and contribute to shaping the textile industry of the future in a positive way.

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Let your customers be inspired by products made from your own paper waste.

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