The Christmas tree - 3 pcs - two-sided (9x13.5 cm)

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Dimensions: 9 x 13.5 cm

The Christmas tree is double-sided and has room for a longer, more detailed and personal greeting to someone you love.  Pour out your loving words - there is enough space. The card consists of 100% waste paper, collected from schools, kindergartens, and companies in Denmark.

100% waste paper

  • created from 100% paper waste
  • 0% added glue, chemicals or cellulose (wood fiber)
  • 0 felled trees

Local craftsmanship

Our cards are produced from our workshop in Odense C, Denmark, and created by hand, only adding water and green love. We collect the waste paper ourselves with the help of our electric cargo bike and bring it to our workshop. Sorting and production begin here with conversion to pulp, pressing with 12 tonnes and drying of the products for three days.

We are delighted that you will share your loving greetings with your loved ones and help take care of our land.

Did you know about the Christmas tree that…

The Christmas tree has its first inspiration from Germany. Denmark got the Christmas tree tradition via the Danish-German families and in Holsteinborg the first Christmas tree was lit in 1808. The Christmas tree first came to Denmark in 1811, where it landed in Copenhagen with the Lehmann family in Ny Kongensgade. Here it aroused massive interest from neighbors in the area and the trend spread rapidly in the years that followed, when more people acquired a real Christmas tree.

Today, the Christmas tree spreads joy and memories among family and friends throughout Denmark.

Danish craftsmanship

Our products are handmade in our workshop in Odense C, Denmark. Through a gentle and careful production process, we transform paper waste into new products. Every single product we make is treated with the same focus on quality and level of detail.

Responsible consumption and production

Our goal is to inspire consumers and companies to recycle more and use responsibly. Therefore, our products are created from 100% recycled paper waste, which we collect from companies and institutions around the country. Paper is made from trees and is a valuable resource. We work every day to preserve the earth's forests by giving new life to products made from 100% recycled paper waste.

We do not add glue, chemicals or cellulose (wood fibers) when we create your products, and we only print when your order has been completed. In this way, we ensure responsible production with a clear conscience and with love for Danish craftsmanship.

Payment and delivery

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We offer fast payment and easy transactions with your Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and creditcard as well as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Shop Pay. Your money will not be withdrawn from your bank account until your package has been dispatched from our workshop.

The Christmas tree - 3 pcs - two-sided (9x13.5 cm)
The Christmas tree - 3 pcs - two-sided (9x13.5 cm)
The Christmas tree - 3 pcs - two-sided (9x13.5 cm)
The Christmas tree - 3 pcs - two-sided (9x13.5 cm)
The Christmas tree - 3 pcs - two-sided (9x13.5 cm)
The Christmas tree - 3 pcs - two-sided (9x13.5 cm)
The Christmas tree - 3 pcs - two-sided (9x13.5 cm)
The Christmas tree - 3 pcs - two-sided (9x13.5 cm)
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