Odense Havn A/S becomes Papirværk Partner

Odense Havn A/S bliver Papirværk Partner - Papirværk

The work on the green transition is not new for the historic company on the Kystvejen in Munkebo, which for the past decade has been one of Europe's leading production ports for offshore wind turbines. The Port of Odense employs over 100 employees and has recently invested massively in new initiatives that will future-proof the company for the sustainable transition, reduce the port's CO2 footprint and inspire employees and customers for a greener future. Now is the time to reduce their paper consumption and waste.

"We see great value in collaborating with Papirværk, as it anchors our work with circular economy all the way through our organization" - Jakob Kjær Rasmussen, Sustainability Manager, Odense Havn A/S.

The beginning of a new cycle

Circular economy implies common sense in the life cycle of products – from design and production to consumption and disposal. In this way, companies can gain access to products without owning them, design products that can be maintained and promote reuse and recycling as standard. The "new normal" is that waste is no longer the end of consumption, but the beginning of a new cycle. Therefore, the circular transition has great potential for the environment and the implementation of new, circular business models is necessary to achieve the government's goals by 2032.

"We have entered into a collaboration with Papirværk because we think it makes sense. We get to handle our paper waste in a proper way and get the opportunity to see the "second" life that the products get. We are far from the goal, neither with our work with sustainability nor circular economy, but the collaboration with Papirværk pushes us in the right direction.”

The partnership between Papirværk and Odense Havn A/S is a small step in a greener direction. Per today, Papirværk Odense Harbor collects paper waste from meeting, office and printer rooms and from Odense transforms it into new products. Among other things, the resources end up back at the Port of Odense by being transformed into new products without added glue, chemicals or wood fibres.

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Sustainability as DNA

Sustainability pervades the organization of the Port of Odense, among other things through the implementation of goals for sustainability in their strategy. In recent years, the Port of Odense has carried out a large number of sustainable initiatives with a view to continuously contributing to the reduction of the port's CO2 footprint. Now they reach the goal of responsible recycling with an increased focus on the circular transformation of products that, among other things, end up back at the port again.

Small steps, big impact

As an employee in a company, circular economy can be a complex dimension. The partnership must motivate and inspire employees, make circular economy understandable and show them how discarded resources can provide new value as new products. The initiative starts in the printer room and with data and transparency, the company has an overview and insight, which is crucial to being able to adjust the places where there is room for improvement in order to deliver a better CO2 footprint.

Denmark is among the countries in Europe that produce the most waste per inhabitant. In order to reach goals and ensure continuous development, the small, inspiring initiatives are of high value. Good sorting requires understanding and knowledge of the waste's journey and the advantage of recycling arises when the benefit is visible and understandable to the individual employee.

Sustainability is a prerequisite

With approximately 120 tenants, Odense Havn A/S has an obligation to be at the forefront of the green transition and make itself attractive to stakeholders and the local area:

"Sustainability is important because we must act responsibly as a company to be true to our owners, our local area and ourselves. Working with sustainability is also a prerequisite for us when we have to cooperate with companies that deliver green transition.”

The majority of the company's customers live in the green transition, and therefore the partnership with Papirværk is a natural next step to further reduce the port's waste.