VandCenter Syd transforms paper waste into art

VandCenter Syd: Når papiraffald bliver til kunst - Papirværk

Denmark's largest water company, VandCenter Syd, leaves a green mark on the iconic corridors on Vandværksvej in Odense. Papirværk and the Danish artist, No Title, have teamed up to decorate the long corridor with art and art prints, made from paper waste from offices, printers and meeting rooms.

Collection of paper and local recycling

On a fixed basis, Papirværk collects VandCenter Syd's paper waste and transforms it into new products. Among other things, the discarded paper ends up as new products for VandCenter Syd again – this time as art prints. By recycling in Odense, VandCenter Syd reduces their overall CO2 footprint and keeps recycling on Danish soil. The products have been created with care and will be able to spread joy among employees and partners of VandCenter Syd for many years.

Handmade in Odense

The art prints are handmade and produced without added glue, chemicals or wood fibres. In this way, VandCenter Syd focuses on the circular transformation and inspires employees, visitors and business partners to take small, green steps in everyday life. Through a careful process, the discarded paper has been transformed into new products. All paper has been shredded and made into pulp, which could be used for the design of the new art prints.

The world goals become everyday

VandCenter Syd has a long tradition of taking responsibility for people, the environment and society. The collaboration contributes directly to the UN's World Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production, and in an easy-to-understand and concrete way, the world goals are made a part of everyday life in the approx. 170-year-old water company.

Global Goal 12 is precisely one of the Vancentre's selected central benchmarks, including Goal 6 (Clean water and sanitation), Goal 7 (Sustainable energy), Goal 9 (Industry, innovation and infrastructure) and Goal 14 (Life in the ocean). For each of the five world goals, areas within their business and corporate culture are pointed out. The global goals have thus been translated into their reality as a water and waste water company.

Danish art behind the motifs

No Title is a Danish artist, known for his large-scale murals, has left his mark on a number of buildings and spaces both in Denmark and internationally. His artistic project is to transform our surroundings by adding new layers and stories to the surfaces that surround us, and with a simple and graphic expression that is based on systems and organic structures in nature and the body. No Title creates works of art that challenge our thought patterns and relationships.

The process lasted four months from No Title's start-up and planning of the large wall to the finished result. The interaction between wall and art print was necessary to create a whole in the expression along the corridor.