The size of A5 posters

A5 posters are art prints in the size A5, which corresponds to 14.8 x 21 cm. This compact size makes them perfect for fitting into smaller areas or creating eye-catching compositions on larger walls. Despite their smaller size, A5 posters are detailed and impressive works of art that can attract attention and create a special atmosphere in any room.

A5 posters developed in collaboration with talented artists

Our collection of A5 posters is created in collaboration with talented artists. Danish craftsmanship, aesthetics and artistic talent are combined here. We emphasize collaborating with artists who have their own unique expression and style. It is important to us to represent artistic diversity and appeal to different tastes and preferences. That's why you can find A5 posters that range from abstract compositions to nature motifs and portraits.
With us you will find art posters in A5 size, which have been produced with great care and dedication. Each art print is Danish-produced and expresses our pride in Danish craftsmanship. With love for detail, our artists have created works of art that bring beauty and inspiration into your surroundings. Our A5 posters are designed to fit perfectly into your surroundings, whether you want to create an inspiring picture wall, add a personal touch to your workspace or give a unique gift to someone special.
We value our artists and reward them every time one of their A5 posters is sold. We believe that artists deserve recognition and support for their talented work. When you buy one of our A5 posters, you help to
support the artists' creativity and contribute to their continued creation of works of art.

A5 posters: art print on handmade paper

What makes our A5 posters unique is the use of handmade paper. Our goal is to unite artistic beauty with sustainable production methods, and this principle shines clearly through our materials. We attach great importance to environmental responsibility throughout the production process.
Our A5 art print is made from 100% recycled paper, where we carefully utilize paper waste to create art with consideration for our environment. This practice minimizes the need to cut down more trees and significantly reduces the amount of waste. We also avoid adding glue, chemicals or cellulose (wood fibers) to our art prints. This ensures that our A5 posters are free of harmful substances and materials, while maintaining their high quality and aesthetic expression. Colors remain vibrant and details are preserved in their full beauty.
Every single A5 poster in our range is created without any form of mass production. We have chosen to produce our art prints on handmade paper , which gives them a unique and authentic character. With our A5 posters, we not only want to enrich your walls with beautiful works of art, but also to inspire a more responsible and environmentally conscious approach to art production. When you choose our A5 art print, you not only get aesthetic beauty, but also the certainty that you are contributing to a better future for our environment.
Our A5 posters are of exquisite quality that will adorn your surroundings with a unique art experience.

Create different expressions and moods with A5 posters

Although A5 posters are small in size, their potential to create different expressions and moods is considerable. These pieces of art have a knack for adding charm and personality to any room. Depending on the poster's motif and style, a small A5 poster can affect the atmosphere in different ways.
The many expressions found on A5 posters can vary from the colorful and lively to the calm and harmonious. An abstract A5 poster can evoke a sense of mystery and openness to interpretation, while a nature motif can add a refreshing and calming atmosphere.
A5 posters can be used in many places. Hang them on a wall to create a charming art wall that catches the eye and creates an interesting focal point. A small A5 artwork can also be advantageously placed on a bookshelf, a desk shelf or a wall cabinet to give a nice detail to the interior.
An A5 poster alone can add a piece of art to a room. At the same time, A5 posters can also be combined with other posters in larger sizes to create a dynamic and creative wall. By mixing different styles and motifs, you can achieve a unique and personal interior that reflects your own taste and aesthetics.
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How to choose the perfect A5 poster

When choosing the perfect A5 poster, it is important to consider your personal taste and the atmosphere you want to create in the room. Also think about the existing color scheme in the room to ensure that the A5 poster fits in well. Go for artwork that speaks to you emotionally and is pleasing to the eye.
Once you have chosen your A5 posters, it is important to think about how you want to frame and present them. Choose a frame that compliments the artwork and matches the decor of the room. We offer picture frames that match the sizes of our posters, so you can easily find the perfect frame for your art. Our oak frames come in different sizes and are available in a dark and light version, so you can choose the one that best suits your style and decor.
Once you have chosen your A5 posters and the appropriate frame, you can easily hang them up and create an impressive art wall or arrange them individually in different rooms. With our selection of A5 posters and matching oak frames, it is easy to create a personal and artistic interior that will bring joy and inspiration to your surroundings.