We fight paper waste and inspire companies and consumers for a greener future.

About us

We have given it full steam since the idea for Papirværk arose in an office in 2020.

The first four months were spent with testing and development and over time we created more products and developed the concept further.

Today, Papirværk is flourishing as one of the few paper factories in Denmark. We make a living by collecting paper waste and turning it into new life.

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Responsible production

Responsible production and circularity are completely natural building blocks in our concept. We were born circular and throughout our existence will create products, concepts and collaborations with an eye for forests, nature and people.

We collect the paper waste from companies in Denmark and from our workshop transform it into new value that will inspire consumers and companies for a greener future.

All products are handmade and in order to give paper waste new life, we have neither added glue, chemicals nor cellulose fibers (wood fibres). In this way, we create products from 100% paper waste and with consideration for the environment.

In order to avoid mass production, we also only print your product once the order has been completed.

Should we collect your paper waste?

When you recycle your paper waste with us, you save the earth from unnecessary transport and CO2 emissions, and at the same time strengthen your green profile.

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