Sådan bekæmper Horisont papirspild - Papirværk

The current hotel systems and general operations are not built for low paper consumption. Therefore, Horisont Hotel & Conference will focus more on circular measures.

“Our customers are looking for those who take responsibility.” - Hotel manager, Casper Bock

Customers increasingly demand responsible companies that prioritize green initiatives in everyday life, and initiatives that can inspire the company's employees, customers, business partners and suppliers for a greener future.

"It makes sense to send our paper waste to Papirværk, which ensures that our discarded paper is recycled in Denmark. In addition, our paper waste is transformed into new products that either come to life with us or that other companies benefit from" - Casper Bock, Hotel manager.

Permanent collection of paper waste

Papirværk and Horisont Hotel & Conference have entered into an agreement to collect and transform the hotel's paper waste into new products. The hotel and the conference center are used for meetings, conferences and events, and it is impossible to avoid large amounts of paper waste. According to the hotel manager, Casper Bock, the hotel systems cannot become paperless, and something must therefore be done about the waste of paper.

Today, Horisont has paper bins standing in front of the office and printer room. Information material is hung above the paper bins, which describes which type of paper waste can go in the paper bin. When the paper bins are full, Papirværk retrieves the valuable resources and transforms them into new products.

"We simply use so much paper, and we had to be able to do something with it. The idea that you can give the paper waste life again - either for ourselves or for other companies, is a fantastic story", adds the hotel manager.

As part of the agreement, Papirværk supplies a complete communication package and a certificate, which will inspire the register's guests and the house's employees to sort their paper waste.

It is difficult to be "best in class", but we will at least do our best", mentions Casper Bock. Hotel Horisont & Konference is already in the process of the greener transition, and they are thinking of new initiatives in their everyday life, where it makes sense, including how they fight food spills and recycle large parts of their plastic. Recently, Horisont Hotel & Konference has received a number of certifications, and they don't stop here, says Casper.

It starts with the employees

In addition to recycling the paper waste, Papirværk and Horisont want to inspire Horisonts employees to recycle more:

"We generally have to think more about our paper consumption, and a collaboration like this also inspires our employees to, for example, work on several screens at a time rather than printing documents that just end up in the bin."

The collaboration arose on the basis of a shared vision of working more circularly. When Papirværk collects Horisont's paper waste, it forms part of a circular system, where the paper waste again ends up in the hands of employees and customers or goes to the production of other sustainable products.

"We want to articulate circular economy even more - it needs to be communicated more internally and we just need to get some good examples in. That's why the agreement with Papirværk makes a lot of sense", mentions Casper Bock.