Aarhus Teater: Næste skridt i den grønne omstilling - Papirværk

(Allan Aagaard, director, Aarhus Theatre, and Jonas Thorup Langelund, Papirværk)

Aarhus Theater gives further impetus to the green transition when, in collaboration with Papirværk, they recycle 100% of their paper waste in Denmark.

"We see it as a strength that Papirværk is located in Denmark and can reduce our overall CO2 footprint. In addition, it is a benefit that they produce new paper products for us – from our own paper waste – and without chemicals or additives.” – director, Allan Aagaard, Aarhus Theatre.

Papirværk collects the theater's paper waste on a regular basis and continuously transforms it into new products for guests, employees and business partners. With the collaboration, Aarhus Theater and Papirværk will inspire the city's citizens to use sustainably and be at the forefront of the industry and the green transition.

And according to director Allan Aagaard, a sustainable collaboration like this has a high priority: "At Aarhus Theater we have had a sustainability strategy since 2017 and have continuously taken measures to minimize our resource consumption. We thus want to take our share of the responsibility for the green transition to get into gear, so that we further strengthen recycling and the circular economy.”

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Sorting into 10 fractions

According to the new waste executive order, which comes into force on 1 January 2023, all companies in Denmark must sort their waste into a minimum of 10 fractions. And sorting and recycling is well under way at the over a hundred-year-old theatre. The basement oozes order and the paper bin from Papirværk quickly found its place among metal and plastic. In the coming months, the paper bin will be filled with discarded paper from the actors' performances and the employees' discarded paper from meetings, offices and printer rooms.

Fixed collection - recycling in Denmark

On a regular basis, Papirværk collects the paper waste from Aarhus Theater and transforms it into new products from their workshop in Odense C. By using a Danish recycling facility for collection and production, Aarhus Theater strengthens its focus on green transition and circular economy. They can continuously order new paper products, created from their own paper waste, for example their latest delivery of unique cards.

The cards are a green alternative, because they are created from 100% recycled paper waste and without added glue, chemicals or cellulose (wood fibres). "The collaboration with Papirværk ensures that our waste paper is recycled and transformed into new and usable paper products for ourselves. We regularly use paper communication products, so it makes sense for us and our green bottom line to develop new circular products together with Papirværk," adds Allan Aagaard.

Together to inspire

"Sustainability and green transition can be a complex dimension, but an initiative like this makes sense in the long run and should inspire our guests and the city's citizens for a greener future", adds Allan Aagaard. Together they have developed inspirational material, which is set up around at the historic theater and the many maps are ready for use.

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