Scandic Odense genanvender deres papiraffald i Danmark - Papirværk

Tom Filstrup (TV), director, Scandic Odense, Jonas Thorup Langelund, Papirværk, and Lars List, technical manager, Scandic Odense.

The recipe for greener recycling can be found at Scandic Odense. Denmark's only Swan-labelled hotel chain is now giving further impetus to the green transition when, per currently recycles 100% of their paper waste in Denmark.


"The Nordic Ecolabel sets requirements for how much waste we must have per guest, and here a collaboration with Papirværk makes good sense for us. Papirværk transforms our own paper waste into new products and also recycles all our paper waste in Denmark. In this way, we see our paper waste as a resource that gives value back to us.” – Tom Filstrup.

For many years, Scandic has worked with the Swan Label scheme, which, according to Tom Filstrup, is considered one of the world's strictest environmental certifications. The collaboration with Papirværk means that all Scandic Odense's paper waste is recycled by Odensen Papirværk and for the same reason has minimal impact on the environment in relation to transport and production. In addition, Scandic Odense can continuously order new products from Papirværk, which are created from their own paper waste: "With the collaboration, we keep our CO2 footprint to a minimum and our good conscience to a maximum. We hope that with this local initiative, we will inspire companies and consumers around us and give further impetus to the green development as a hotel chain.

More than just a paper bin

Paper bin

Knowing your supply chain has never been more relevant. The collaboration will limit Scandic Odense's total CO2 footprint and with the half-yearly climate report sent by Papirværk, they will continuously monitor how much paper waste they recycle. The ambition is to limit their paper consumption and waste as much as possible, and the 20 paper bins that have been set up around the hotel must contribute to this.

In addition to the paper bins, Scandic Odense has received a Certificate For Recycling, which informs guests about their collaboration with Papirværk and aims to inspire guests, employees and business partners to recycle more.

Certificate For Recycling

Sorting with great effect

It is of great importance to Tom Filstrup that Scandic Odense meets the Waste Order's new requirements for sorting into 10 fractions, which per December 31, 2022 is determined by law. "We will do everything we can to ensure that residual waste is as small as possible - because this means that we sort as best as possible into the individual fractions."

"Until quite recently, we sorted cardboard and paper together. According to the new order on waste sorting, cardboard and paper must be separated and Papirværk will now collect our paper waste." – Tom Filstrup.

Many companies are not aware of where their paper waste ends up today. Guests/customers, business partners and suppliers place more demands on companies' supply chains than ever before. Paper works are registered in the Waste Register's recycling facility, which is why they must collect, transport and transform commercial waste into new products. This is how all activity takes place in Denmark; from collection of paper waste to production.